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Real estate management track record

Some real estate projects that make us particularly proud

Entrepreneurial family

Management of the family’s real estate assets, with initial definition of the generational transition and maintenance of real estate and earning capacity

Private enterprise

Economic design and management company search for the redevelopment of an industrial group with logistics destination, in Vicenza

Entrepreneurial family

How we “saved” the substantial income of a luxury property in Venice from a possible impending crisis generated by mismanagement

Entrepreneurial family

How we turned a problematic rental property management in Venice into a stress-free source of profit for the owner

Investment club

Seeking equity and debt financing for the renovation of a historical building designated as a 175-room boutique hotel

Belgian multinational

Exclusive consultancy for the redefinition and redevelopment of an abandoned industrial area near the city center of Padua

Real Estate Asset Management Companies

Risk analysis for a project to develop the marina and construction of a commercial and residential complex overlooking the Adriatic Sea

Entrepreneurial family

How we made holiday flats in an entire building in Verona fruitful, despite the collapse of tourists caused by the Pandemic

Private investor

Transformation of fractioned office space under one only management, with the development of a new business model

Entrepreneurial family

Analysis for the redevelopment of a historical Palace from the end of the 19th century, in the center of Padua, with a new tourist concept, and search for a management company of the accommodation facility

Private enterprise

Economical design and management company research for the construction, on an agricultural area, of a multipark serving the Venice-Marco Polo International Airport

Construction company

Consultancy, with the aim of divesting part of the complex for commercial and fitness use, for the financing of the hospitality sector in Mestre

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