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About us

We develop solutions to create value

Why Arsenale 1104

We are a real estate analysis and management company whose goal is to transform ideas into solutions to create value.

The word arsenale comes from Arabic and it means “house of trade / house of craft” or “house of industry”. And in this sense, the first Arsenal was the Arsenal of Venice, built in 1104, introducing the modern concept of “factory”, in which specialized workers operate.

Our services and knowledge are specialized in real estate and finance, but they evolve and adapt according to the changing and transforming economic reality: we focus on real estate and property transactions with high development potential.

Innovative, but with roots

We are innovative because we believe in renewal and continuous evolution of our work. We are not an estate agency, but a reality in step with new market demands and in favor of innovative tools. Both technological and financial.

In fact, we deal more with finance and property management than with “real estate transactions”, because “buying and selling” is only the last phase of a more complex process.

On the other hand, an empty property does not generate value! It destroys it.

We have roots because we can boast many years of presence on the territory and a great experience in the real estate scene throughout the Veneto region: we have local offices in Venice, Padua, Vicenza, Verona, the Euganean Hills and Lake Garda.

Algebria Capital

Arsenale 1104 is under the co-ordination and control of Algebria Capital srl, a Vicenza-based group with shareholdings in real estate, food delivery, fashion, online trading, and fintech companies, which acts as a business angel with investments in innovative start-ups and SMEs, and in online publishing.

Andrea Guarise

Graduated in Economics of International Trade at the University of Verona.

His activity in the real estate sector began in 2006 when he was employed in the Asset & Risk management division at HemmaGroup s.r.l. in Bassano del Grappa, coordinating and analyzing different real estate development initiatives in Veneto, Poland and Romania.

Since 2008 he has been working, as a self-employed real estate, in different projects, with different roles, in the tourist-hotel sector, in Italy and abroad, and in the evaluation of social housing initiatives. From 2009 to 2012 he worked, as Head of the Risk Management Service, in FINEV SGR S.p.A..

Since 2014, the professional firm has been transformed into Algebria Capital s.r.l., an investment analysis and management company, which operates in the management, valorization and optimization of investment in 4 areas: M&A Advisory, Private Equity, Financing & Restructuring and Real Estate.



+39 392 338 4948


Venice Office

Strada Nova, Calle Ca' d'Oro, 3842 - Venice

Padua Office

via Niccolò Tommaseo, 5 - Padua

Verona Office

via Antonio Pisano, 20 - Verona

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