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Real estate investment and real estate assets management

Real estate business plan for investment and management. Analyzing. Planning. Improving.

Arsenale 1104 understood that the concept of “real estate” needs to be rethought from a more financial perspective. Why?

Not all real estate has the same value, and if it is NOT actively managed, it can depreciate over the years, even considerably.

That is why we provide specialized services for the investment and strategic management of real estate portfolios, aimed at real estate development.

But what does it mean concretely?

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Feasibility analysis of investment projects and real estate portfolio redevelopment

Our team develops and realizes a real estate business plan for each managed asset, from investment to the supervision of a development project to the lease of a property. We define the best investment and/or portfolio management strategy. Is the management of your real estate investment planned or is it disorganized?

Valorization projects

We transform stressed (= problematic and/or empty) properties and real estate into business opportunities sought by the market, supporting the investor or property owner with comprehensive advice: from proposal conception to marketing. Comprehensive real estate assets management. The property market is an evolving market: is your property in step with the times?

Maintenance and transformation plans

A property is alive! Indeed, large or small, there is always some work to be done. To calmly deal with this situation, it is a good idea to plan any expenses in advance. In this way, as an owner, you will know exactly what investments you will have to make in the coming months and years. Planning helps you save money.

Realization of divestment plans

From determining the value of a property to putting it on the market with the most appropriate tools for a quick and satisfying completion of the sale. However, the timing is fundamental: you have to plan the right moment to put the property on the market at its full potential. Sell consciously, not to sell out.

Our goal is to generate lasting profitability for our customers

Part of the activities we carry out...


  • Selection of new investment opportunities, definition of strategies and use of properties. To sum up: real estate investment business plan.
  • Technical, economic and financial feasibility assessment.
  • Financial resource and risk planning.

Property enhancement

  • Real estate enhancement by giving the best strategic direction to the property.
  • Management of all administrative activities, lease monitoring and proxies.
  • Financial and asset consultancy.


  • Study of debt and risk capital
  • Structured finance advisory to find new sources of financing
  • Financial planning and management of the real estate portfolio
  • Management control and optimization of functions, costs and revenues

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Are you thinking about investing in real estate in Italy?

The purchase is only the last step. Firstly, the following factors must be considered: the valuation of the property, the taxes involved in the acquisition, the ease of earning income (renting), liquidity and portfolio diversification. So many aspects.

If you want to try your luck, with the possibility of losing money, improvise. But if you want to plan your investment, entrust to professionals in the field.

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