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Property management services for houses, villas and holiday flats in Venice, Padua, Vicenza and Verona

Earn money with your apartment! All-inclusive holiday home management

Since 2016 a specialized team has been working in the management of holiday apartment for short periods

Discover how to maximize profits from your property without the worries of traditional rentals, constant phone calls or accidental damage

We guarantee a secure, punctual and controlled management of your property and a restitution in perfect condition.

We think about everything, so you can enjoy your time in total relaxation and without stress.

Here is a list of the apartments we manage in Veneto.

Here's how to get a regular income

Get more income from your second house without wasting your free time

Organise cleaning, bookings, utilities and repairing: you won't have to think about it anymore

Type of management? Percentage-based: if you earn, we earn

Free yourself from the worries of defaulting tenants, impossible evictions or damage to your property and forget about constant phone calls

You no longer have to worry about not finding tenants and paying taxes and fees on a property that doesn't make you earn money

You don't have to do anything; we take care of everything!

Some projects we are particularly proud of

Entrepreneurial family

How we “saved” the remarkable income of a luxury property in Venice from a possible imminent crisis caused by mismanagement

Entrepreneurial family

How we made an entire building in Verona, right in the city center, profitable despite the collapse of tourists caused by the Covid-19 pandemic

Entrepreneurial family

How we turned a problematic property rental management in Venice into a stress-free source of profit for the owner

Our method

Do you own a property and you are not satisfied with the profitability you get from traditional renting?

We think about every aspect, with a comprehensive property management service:

  • from analyzing your real estate → to selecting the most profitable market segment;
  • from arranging the flat → to publishing effective advertisements on major online portals;
  • from the careful selection of the tenant → to welcoming him/her into the property;
  • from cleaning and sanitizing → to routine maintenance;
  • from 24-hour assistance → to legal issues in case of problems.

If you DO NOT have to deal with these aspects, you will save a lot of time. And you’ll be able to devote yourself to your business, your family and the things that really matter in your life. We take care of your real estate.

Maximum visibility

  • Professional photos and online property profile creation with accurate descriptions
  • Dynamic daily rate management to maximize takings
  • Uploading of the property on the major online channels in multilingual versions

Reservation management

  • Prompt management of guest requests and bookings confirmation
  • Calendar synchronization across multiple online channels: Airbnb, Booking, Expedia, Homeaway and many more
  • Supervision of takings before check-in

Welcoming Guests

  • Reception of guests at the apartment, description of all functional aspects and handover of keys
  • 24-hour guest assistance for the duration of the stay
  • Check-out at the end of the stay and inspection of the property

Cleaning and laundry

  • Thorough cleaning of the property at each check-out and periodic deep cleaning
  • Full laundry service at each check-out
  • Supplying of welcome kits

Property management

  • Home staging assistance for the initial arrangement of the property
  • Continuous monitoring of the maintenance services of the apartment
  • Reporting to the owner and payment of fees

Bureaucratic management

  • Management of opening of the business at the municipality or region
  • Recurring communication of guest data to the State Police Allogiatiweb, collection and payment of tourist tax, recurring regulatory obligations
  • Substitute taxpayer for the flat tax on dividends

Do you still have any questions?
Here you are the answers to the most frequently asked ones

Earnings are variable depending on market trends. However, between a short-term rental and a traditional rental, the former is undoubtedly more profitable. Even in the low season, the gain is at least equal to a traditional rental but without the unforeseen insolvencies and damages of traditional rents.

We clean the property and we check its condition at each change of guest.
Is there something wrong? We will intervene immediately.

We will take care of all the paperwork for reporting the property and guests to the relevant authorities.

Certainly, it will be part of an agreement in our contract.

Thanks to our final check-out, in case of damage to the property, there is the possibility of blocking the traveler’s credit card according to the extent and value of the damage caused.

We are one of the very few companies in Italy to have an additional insurance to fully guarantee the property.

If the property is rented out with a traditional rental or with a short-term rental or if the property remains vacant, it could be subject to unexpected damage.

For example, installations could show the effects of wear; a leaking pipe or a boiler breaking down are eventualities that can happen.

For this reason, frequent supervision of properties ensures that any minor damage is monitored and can be repaired immediately, preventing it from becoming larger and wasting a lot of money.

So with Arsenale 1104, your property is better monitored and guaranteed.

The percentage depends on different factors that are inevitably linked to the quality of the property and the works that need to be managed initially.

Our fee is proportional because it depends on the occupancy rate and thus the yield of the property. We are interested in making you earn!

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We manage apartments and holiday houses in Venice, Padua, Verona and Vicenza.

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    What makes us different from a traditional estate agency?

    The answer is very simple.

    Traditional estate agencies deal with traditional buying, selling and renting, nothing to do with the actual management of a property.

    An estate agency does NOT welcome guests, does NOT supply the property, does NOT do the cleaning and maintenance, does NOT handle paperwork, etc…

    We do.

    The Arsenale 1104 Property Manager takes care of the property’s management, its image on the web, its reputation with guests, bureaucracy, proper maintenance… these are not the skills possessed by a traditional estate agent.

    Those who have already collaborated with Arsenale 1104 have seen the dedication we put into our work every day to demonstrate to all property owners who decide to collaborate with us that quality, security, serenity and seriousness are the pillars on which our work is based.