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Entrust yourself to the specialists in short rentals in Veneto

Arsenale 1104 manages your rental property from A to Z, guaranteeing you a constant and punctual income.

Thanks to our specialization in short-term rentals, we can select the market segment – from holiday rentals, transient rentals and co-living – that will produce the highest profit for you.

You earn on average 20-30% more than with traditional 4+4 rentals

You will never again have problems with tenants who do not pay and whom you cannot evict and you won’t have to worry about damages to the property

More and more people will prefer to stay in small flats to feel less constrained

You will no longer have to worry about not finding tenants and paying taxes and fees on a property that does not make you earn money

We work in Venice, Mestre, Padua, Vicenza and Verona

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    Why should you trust us?

    Managing short-term rentals entails many responsibilities and it is like having a second full-time job.

    You have to keep yourself constantly informed about new laws concerning real estate, rental regulations, etc.

    You have to keep up-to-date with anti-Covid policies and be familiar with all regulations concerning the sanitation of the property…

    You are responsible for managing rent collections, property maintenance issues, advertising efforts, careful selection of tenants, payment of utility suppliers

    And much more that you may not be aware of.

    Basically, you can certainly make money with short term rental, but keep in mind that you will be investing a large part of your time in highly stressful matters.

    With Arsenal 1104 you don't have to worry about all this!

    We think about every aspect, with a comprehensive property management service:

    • from analyzing your real estate → to selecting the most profitable market segment
    • from arranging the flat → to publishing effective advertisements on major online portals;
    • from the careful selection of the tenant → to welcoming him/her into the property
    • from cleaning and sanitizing → to routine maintenance;
    • from 24-hour assistance → to legal issues in case of problems.

    If you DO NOT have to deal with these aspects, you will save a lot of time. And you’ll be able to devote yourself to your business, your family and the things that really matter in your life. We take care of your real estate.



    In order to guarantee you the highest possible profit, we will start by analyzing your property, the area and the market needs, to choose the property segment that can make you earn a lot of money, among

    • tourist rentals (from 3 to 28 nights)
    • transient rentals (from 1 month to 12 months)
    • co-living (rental of individual rooms, to different guests, up to 12 months)


    We take care of all the bureaucratic paperwork required to start up a business. This often involves dealing with many different institutions: the Region, the Municipality, the central police station, the income revenue agency, etc.

    All these procedures take a long time in Italy. They are a real nightmare if you are not familiar with them.

    Home design improvements

    We will show you how to make your house more attractive on the market, to rent it out quickly and at higher prices.

    Usually, it is a matter of a few focused expenses – which you will dispose of within one or two months – in order not to leave the flat anonymous, to increase its value and rent it out faster.

    Professional photos

    We take professional photos that give a good first impression of your property. This allows you to attract potential guests quickly.


    Our marketing department will take action to create targeted advertising campaigns to attract future potential tenants.

    Your apartment will be present on the major specialized short-term rental portals and the most generalist real estate portals, as well as on our own portal.


    We will check your property and intervene in case of malfunctions. In this way we can guarantee your tenant a trouble-free stay and ensure great reviews on the major online portals.

    Check-in / Check-out

    We will welcome the guest and show him/her the accommodation to make sure it meets his/her needs. We will also collect all the data to complete the bureaucratic fulfillments.

    Likewise, we will do the check-out, the inspection of the flat – in the presence of the guest – and the contract-closing bureaucracy.

    Cleaning and sanitizing

    We will clean and sanitize the house so that it is in perfect condition to welcome the next guest.

    Single reference contact

    In case of need, just contact us. And the same goes for your guests. You will not have to deal with rental issues, because we will think about everything.

    You don't have to worry about anything...

    With Arsenale 1104 your rental property will be a real source of income

    OK, how can I entrust the management of my property to you? And above all... how much does it cost?

    If you are interested in our services, all you have to do is request a free consultation from this page. We will get to know each other and see if we can work together or not.

    As for our fee, it is not fixed but it depends on the occupancy rate and the return of the property.

    Basically, if you earn, we earn too.

    Entrusting your property to Arsenale 1104 means having a team of consultants specialized in increasing your earnings by taking the utmost care of your property