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Property management and real estate management

You thrive, only if you can best manage change

Arsenale 1104 deals with the economical, administrative, fiscal and technical management of a real estate property, aimed at optimizing long-term profitability.

In fact, a property is profitable only if two conditions exist: the value of the property must be increasing or constant, and tenant arrears in rent payments must be kept to a minimum.

But what do we really do?

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Administrative management

We take care of rental management – especially of rented houses and flats - and relationships with tenants and administrators, cash flow management and profitability analysis, operating budgets, regulatory compliance. Is the economic and fiscal management of your property investment under control?

Technical and safety management

We carry out regular structural, systems, energy and maintenance audits, with the elaboration and execution of maintenance plans, as well as extraordinary maintenance and immediate response activities. The efficiency of a property creates value.

Management of external services

The management of external services, the choice of third-party operators (e.g. electricity utilities) and suppliers is too often left to chance, without real price-quality ratio. It is right in these areas that we can find economic inefficiencies that can lead to large savings. We look for solutions to optimise performance..

Our aim is to control and optimize the profitability of our clients' real estate assets

Part of the activities we carry out


  • Administration of property records and leases;
  • Property administration and taxation;
  • Claims management and support for the conclusion and renewal of policies;
  • Planning and control of the progress of costs and revenues.

Property maintenance

  • Planning and scheduling of property services;
  • Scheduled maintenance;
  • Restorative maintenance;
  • Supervision of external services;
  • Management of relationships with tenants.


  • Finding tenants for vacant units;
  • Promotion and marketing initiatives;
  • Management of all tax formalities;
  • Relationship management with tenants, suppliers, authorities;
  • Management of arrears or disputes, with the support of specialized law firms.

Some of the properties we manage

Very central and elegant 90sqm apartment in Vicenza
Spacious, elegant and bright apartment of approx. 110 sqm
Comfortable and bright apartment ideal for 5 people
Lovely two-room apartment, perfect for a couple travelling to Verona
Very central apartment for 4 people, 10 metres from Piazza San Marco
60 sqm apartment on an early 20th century building

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If you DO NOT have to deal with these aspects, you will save a lot of time. And you’ll be able to devote yourself to your business, your family and all the things that really matter in your life.

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